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Business Model: We provide a very
unique business solution for online display advertising for business and
individuals. We operate as a nonprofit entity with a direct focus on networking
local businesses and individuals who need exposure to consumer type buyers for
local products and services. We specialize in networking solutions to bring
local suppliers of goods and services to the local buying market.

Here is how it operates, we offer
display, classified, organizational, event, and service guide advertising. We
host a complete website that is on line working 24 hours per day seven days a
week. Our business model is unique in this way, for every dollar you spend
advertising with our company roughly 85-90% will be donated back into your
community through our nonprofit disbursement. We deduct our direct operating
expenses, which does not include any salary for employees, we have no one
making money from this program. Its purpose and focus is on rebuilding our
community infrastructure by rolling those paying customers dollars back into
the hands of the consumers. Since we operate as a nonprofit entity, we will be
on full disclosure of our operational expenses and how the funds are balanced.
End of the year disbursement will be done by committee and not by me. Our
accounting principles will be based on state regulated practices and reporting.


Our Rates are as follows

Web based display ads annually:
$100.00 per year

Special title ads for sponsored
events: $ 250.00 each event

Title Web Page Display ads:
$500.00 annually

Classified: no charge for 30 day

Real estate multiple listings: 100.00 for 30 days
Event Hosting for profit based companies: 25.00 Event Hosting for nonprofit’s:
No Charge.


Our mission and focus is really
quite simple.  Based on national averages
that 75% of consumers now shop online for all their products and services we
are the leader in the community for offering on line services, and no other
forms of media outlets that charge for advertising such as newspaper
publications, radio, television, or billboard offer the return of the
advertising dollars you spend back into your community to charitable donation,
youth programs, or scholarship funds.


The Content on our website is focused
on positive and good news, we do not allow derogatory story line, doom and
gloom, we are all about the painting the right moral and ethical picture for
the community.


We look forward to networking and
becoming a positive community business partner.



Tracy Denney

Business Development Manager

Henry County Service Guide Co.